Why Escalade & Hummer Limo Is So Popular

At EWR NJ Limo, we are proud to offer multiple limo service options for our customers seeking first-class chauffeur service. We have Escalade & Hummer limo service available for all types of trips to the airport, weddings, wine tours, nights out or any other transportation need you could have in and around NJ!

Renting an Escalade limo service 

Want to make a grand entrance? Our Escalade Limousine service is perfect for the job. This luxurious vehicle is equipped with all the features you need for a comfortable and memorable ride. With the Escalade limo service, you can enjoy organized luxury and plenty of legroom for both business and leisure passengers. The limo can accommodate up to 20 passengers and offers a spacious, royal-style ride that’s sure to impress.

Our Escalade Limousine comes packed with features like flat-screen TVs, a disco floor, lasers, fiber optic lighting, an illuminated ceiling, a premium sound system, and a VIP seating area. With all these amenities, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy a night out in style!

We at EWR NJ Limo, take pride in offering our clients one of the most popular limousines for all occasions and corporate events. Why settle for common transportation when you can ride in style? Book your Cadillac Escalade Limousine rental today and experience the difference! Give us a call to reserve your Escalade Limousine and make your event or special occasion even more elegant and stylish. We will make your day entertaining, stress-free & memorable!

Renting a Hummer limo service

Are you wondering about a Hummer limo service & its benefits? There are several reasons why our Hummer limousine services are so popular. You must know why such vehicles have millions of fans across the world. The Hummer limousine is one of the largest and most opulent limousines on the road. The Hummer limousine we have comes with several unique characteristics. It unquestionably catches the eye of everyone, including street cameras. Its features make people easy to distinguish from all other cars in the transport industry.

This amazing limousine fits perfectly for a big occasion. To ride in style and luxury, hiring a Hummer limousine rental is an ideal choice. However, the luxury stretch Hummer limo service has numerous advantages that can make your party breathtaking and unforgettable.

It doesn’t look anything like other limousines and stretch cars. It is so popular because of the car’s roomy interior. Although it has a tough exterior they’re characterized by the amenities available in all other limousines. The Hummer’s robust exterior conceals a luxurious and tranquil interior. The Hummer is comparable to all other limousines when it comes to onboard amenities and available conveniences.

The rugged exterior guarantees a lot of safety. It can easily accommodate multiple individuals and there’ll still be enough space for everybody to breathe and have a good time. The majority of Hummers have tinted interior partitions. It ensures passengers will have complete privacy while also receiving experienced chauffeur’s assistance. Thus, many individuals select it to guarantee the uniqueness of their appearance.

These prerequisites will make your ride both safe & incredibly enjoyable. If you’re interested in booking a limo service in NJ, you’ll have to pick the right company to partner up with. Make sure that the vehicle is in excellent technical condition and that it’s fully insured/licensed. Ready to rent a Hummer limo? Contact us today!