To Party In A Luxury Limousine Or Not To Party!

Escalade limousine services have gained popularity for various events, destinations, and group sizes. They provide not only transportation but also serve as a starting point for your celebration. It could be the best way to travel with your group. It is an opportunity to indulge in different amenities at an affordable cost.

Are you looking for an enjoyable and convenient transportation option for your next event? EWR NJ Limo is the perfect choice. We offer a selection of Escalade limo service packages designed to cater to any occasion in NJ. Continue reading to learn about the key factors to consider when deciding whether an Escalade limo service in NJ is the right choice for you.

Avoid driving

An Escalade limousine service provides not just a pleasurable experience, but also a convenient mode of transportation between different locations. Are you planning to consume alcohol before or during the event you are attending? An Escalade limousine service ensures a safe and stress-free journey to and from your desired destination. It comes with a skilled chauffeur who prioritizes the safety of the road. This enables you and your companions to fully relish the celebrations without the responsibility of driving.

Travel with your group

Organizing transportation for a large group to attend a party or event can pose logistical challenges. It can be a struggle to secure the best drivers with vehicles. Splitting the thing into smaller groups can be costly and all may not stay together. Moreover, if the group size exceeds expectations, it can throw off your plans. Our Escalade limo service in NJ seems to be a convenient solution to this situation. We offer ample room for groups of varying sizes and keep them traveling together. Here at EWR NJ Limo, we recognize the fluctuating nature of party attendance. That is why we offer flexible pricing options for the groups consists of 7-8 passengers.

Arrive on time

Time-critical occasions such as weddings, concerts, and surprise parties necessitate reliable transportation. We do it to guarantee timeliness. Nevertheless, organizing arrivals can pose a challenge. It can be annoying when participants are arriving from different places and encountering diverse traffic conditions. To maintain a tight schedule, a well-organized luxury full-size Escalade limo built with legendary craftsmanship is an ideal choice. Passengers can rely on our driver. We are waiting for them at the designated time. 

Save money

In the past few years, there has been a notable rise in the prices of ride-sharing apps and taxis. This considerable increase in fares has the potential to discourage people from attending events altogether.  It happens due to the exorbitant expenses associated with transportation. Moreover, public transportation can be inconvenient, and time-consuming. Most of them are not accessible at night. However, renting a luxury full-size Escalade limo resolves the issue. Divide the expenses among your group. It assists in saving money while experiencing a roomy and cozy means of travel. For instance, our Escalade limo packages offer the lowest cost per person & hour.

Customize your ride

One of the standout features of our luxury full-size Escalade limo is its ability to be customized. We can do it according to the passengers’ preferences. Passengers are allowed to indulge in food and drinks while on board! The vehicle will be customized to match your preferences, and we play your favorite tunes. By booking our upscale full-size Escalade limousine service in NJ, you have the power to tailor the journey to your liking. Are you en-routing to a themed gathering or just looking to start the celebration in style? We strongly suggest opting for a luxurious full-size Escalade limousine service instead of other transport alternatives. 

If you have a special occasion coming up that requires top-notch transportation, reach out to us today & discover our offerings.