5 Reasons To Appoint A Designated Chauffeur

If you’ve a holiday party around the corner or a planning for a friends get together this year, read on for the top 5 reasons to appoint a designated chauffeur instead of a regular driver.

Hiring a chauffeur service is actually affordable:

In comparison to the cost of a conviction for the DUI (Driving under the Influence), professional transportation is a good deal. A DUI can be costly while counting the legal fines, lawyer fees, lost wages and considerably higher insurance rates. Consider sharing the cost of a chauffeur service among your group of friends or party members to keep costs down.

Everybody can relax & have fun:

When you hire our chauffeur driven coach bus service in NJ, rest assured that no one is left out to join the party. Yes, you could ask one of your buddies to do the driving job, but that plan can fail if he decides to drink mid-party. With a professional service like ours, everybody can rejoice with their favorite beverage without risking a DUI or a mishap.

Your group can travel together:

With a customer friendly option like us that provides door-to-door service, you & your guests can all travel together in place of hiring individual cars. Request for one pick up or multiple, whatever works for your group & keep everybody safe. And of course get to pick the vehicle size that you think will better accommodate your group of friends for the event. We have 56 and 61 passenger coach buss at your service.

Parking shouldn’t be your headache:

Nothing ruins the charm of a special event quicker than circling the block looking for a parking lot. Hire a designated chauffeur & skip that headache – EWR NJ Limo drops you off & picks you up at the door.

Interior coach bus

Why EWR NJ Limo is your best shuttle bus service in NJ?

We believe in offering our clients a safe, dependable and affordable transportation option. We handpick our chauffeur and also have them back ground checked, drug tested, and professionally trained to make sure the vehicle and chauffeur you are hiring don’t play hide and sick games with you on the course of the journey. There is simply no cutting corner when you hire our chauffeur driven coach bus service in NJ. For advance booking, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at +1 973 457 4646.